Crystal clear water in your tank

Discusfood has launched a new water treatment product which supports the biological processes in the aquarium. It is called Organic Clear. It reduces turbidity and increases the overall welfare of the animals. Udo Thrän has successfully been using Organic Clear for years. His experiences with it:

“I have used Organic Clear over many years in my Discus-facility after I had fed frozen food, such as beef heart. Because I basically fed frozen food only when it was unfrozen, many tiny particles were released from it and found its way into the water. These suspended particles clouded the water unsightly, although the water conditions were still good.

After using Organic Clear the water became crystal clear again after a short time. By the way this product comes from professional water treatment to revitalize ponds, lakes and even small rivers again. I am delighting that now it can help aquarists too.”
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Humic substances for discus and other blackwater animals

Blackwater biotopeSurprisingly, the natural habitat of many ornamental fish is originally very hostile to life. The water of blackwater rivers such as the Rio Negro in Amazonia is very poor in minerals and very acidly. Many areas of these waters have pH-values below 4. Not a good starting point for the existence of aquatic life forms.

For a long time, it was unclear how discus and other fish, shrimp and other aquatic organisms can exist there successfully at all. In the meantime, it has been scientifically proven that it is the humic substances dissolved in the water that enable survival in such an extreme environment. Humic substances are omnipresent on Earth. But what are humic substances, how do they originate, how do they work and above all, what are the benefits of humic substances in aquaristics?

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Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers – artificial aufwuchs for ornamental fish

Pleco & Catfish Algae WafersMost loricariids and many other fish eat aufwuchs. Aufwuchs is a loanword from German language and means something like overgrowth. It describes a conglomeration of herbal and animal organisms which form a living film on stones, rocks, wood, roots and any substrate. It is a species community of algae, bacteria, crustaceans, worms, insect larvae and different microorganisms. This living ensemble is nourishment for many species.

Discusfood developed a new kind of fish feed especially for plecos and other bottom fish. Its name is “Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers”. The ingredients of Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers imitate the nutritient composition of aufwuchs. The wafers are not pressed waste powder of other food production. This food is made like granules, only shaped in small chips. Granules are made by an extruder process. That is the best way to produce dry fish food. This way of feed production does not need heat. All valuable nutrients and vitamins survive.Pleco & Catfish Algae Wafers 50g & 150g bags

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